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Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing

In a joint exposition under the title 'From Border to Bridges: Deconstructing Borders of Aesthetic Creativity', the MoCA displays new paintings by Jost Heyder among other artists. The exposition was organized in collaboration with Pashim Art Hamburg and is open 6th August to 18th September 2016.

The museum of contemporary art in Beijing is set against the picturesque scenery of the Art Center Parks in Songzhuang, Beijing. This park encompasses almost 500.000 square meters and thus provides enough space for creativity and activity, in order to unfold in a natural, quiet, and peaceful environment. MoCA Beijing is committed to facilitate the interchange and the promotion of contemporary art. The museum was founded with the aim of developing the state of contemporary art in a systematic and comprehensive manner with a focus on science, literature and expositions, of fostering of interactions and integration of different perspectives and levels and joint cooperation.

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Current issues

Jost Heyder - a portrait in a movie

A cinematic portrait about Jost Heyder

"Der Dom zu Erfurt" - A gift for the pope

Dom zu Erfurt

'Der Dom zu Erfurt' ('The Erfurt Cathedral') (Acryl, 112 cm x 82 cm)

Jost Heyders panting 'The Erfurt Cathedral' was the official present of the
Thuringian Land Government given to Popo Benedikt XVI. during his visit
of the state capital on September 23 and 24, 2011.

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